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charlescarroll's Journal

8 February
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This is a character for a game. Don't pay attention to it if you're not in the game.

Charles Carroll, Wizard

Player Name: J. Hinton
Player Email: sgtsareth@gmail.com
AIM/YIM/etc.: AIM: sgtsareth GoogleChat: sgtsareth

Character Name: Charles Carroll
Character Type: Wizard

Abilities: Charles has a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice, and has completed the FBI qualifications to become a field agent. Additionally he is reasonably accomplished in combat magics (primarily attack and defense types of spells) with a smattering of take down types of spells. He would like to get some better take down skills so that he can use more non-violent techniques, but he's still working on this.

Additionally, he has a reputation for having good luck, as he has been known to be in the right place at the right time to get noticed as an up and comer. (This will be explained in his background.)

Age: 27
Kinsey Rating: 1

Physical Appearance: Brown hair cropped short in an almost government issue part. Brown eyes that look a bit too serious. Pale skin with the typical array of imperfections, but no real scars to speak of. Face that seldom smiles, like he takes himself a bit too seriously. Just above average height (5'9") and thin. Athletic. Has the sort of bearing that suggests he came from a monied background. Typically dresses like a government issue employee (cheap suit and tie.)

PB: Nicolas Cage

Personality: Charles is straddling two possible directions in his life. He is highly idealistic and driven, very much a by the book sort of law enforcement officer, and very driven by a belief in protecting people. He has a major knight in shining armor complex. This comes across as being an inflexible, uptight, stick up his *** inquisitor who puts The Way It Should Be Done ahead of common sense and true justice to some people, and as being a naive but well intended wet behind the ears righteous crusader out to save the world to others. Publicly, he looks like the ultimate stick in the mud.

Secretly, however, he's quite able to rationalize things that aren't The Way It's Done. He can break the rules if he can find a way to justify it mentally. If there's no time to get a proper court order, screw a search warrant, he's going in, and he'll find a way to make it fit the book later. He just needs to believe that the value of the violation is worth the consequences. A matter of life and death, for example.

Birth: Charles is born the oldest child of a lawyer and a home maker. His mother had been born to a wizard, but never showed any wizarding skill herself.
Age 2: Charles' little sister, Holly, is born.
Age 14: Holly begins showing signs of being a wizard, with Charles following shortly after. The two are sent to be raised by their Maternal Grandmother, who is a wizard.
Age 18: Charles enters a state university. He enrolls in Criminal Justice, hoping to eventually join the FBI as a magical enforcer. Owing to recent Supreme Court rulings, the school had instituted a pilot program enabling wizards to substitute non-technological ways to complete technology based homework. Charles turns all of his home work in hand written, rather than on Microsoft Word, and develops an amazing knack to find things using a dusty card catalog in the library. He maintains a 3.9 GPA and earns a reputation for being a complete stick in the mud, in spite of hanging out with fellow student Sebastian Claves.
Age 20: Holly begins attending the same university, determined to become a crime scene investigator. While more gifted than Charles, she is also more exuberant and unrestrained. Keeping her in line causes his GPA to drop to a 3.4.
Age 21: Early in Charles' senior year, Holly's enthusiasm gets the best of her, and she attempts to solve a kidnapping on her own, using magic. Charles refuses to help until Holly manages to get caught by the kidnappers. Charles was able to rescue Holly, and got noticed by the FBI in the process. After this, Charles is able to focus on his studies.
Age 22: Charles graduates with a 3.8 GPA, and is immediately hired by the FBI as part of their efforts to start a magical enforcement program (since the White Council is not a government agency, and the government doesn't like not being able to police supers itself.)
Age 22-27: After training at Quantico, Charles spends several years working in Virginia providing magical enforcement in cases that "normal human" agents are not equipped to handle. Although he's no more successful at solving cases than the average rookie, he still garners attention from his superiors (thanks to the deal) and so he is promoted and reassigned. Agent Carroll, FBI is transferred to San Francisco as part of a task force being formed to investigate the radical rise in disappearances and kidnappings amongst the Bay Area super population in the past several months.


Charles is a sorcerer. During the incident in which Holly was kidnapped, Charles negotiated a deal that resulted in his good luck and in Holly being rescued, in exchange for his soul. Needless to say, Charles keeps this a MAJOR secret... Unless you are named Sebastian Claves, you don't know this. Seriously. You don't. I mean it.