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[OOC] Everything prior to this post relates to a previous game, and is of dubious continuity (in fact, some of it CAN'T fit with the new game). Therefor, proceed backwards past this point at your own risk.[/OOC]

Aug. 29th, 2009

A new school year.

I just got my schedule and it's busy. The Magical Enforcement and Investigations division of the FBI want me to work there as an intern this semester too.

So I'll not be around campus much. Between classes and going to the local field office? I'm going to have to pay attention in Time Manipulation or something just to be able to get enough sleep.

If you need me, though, just give me a ring.

Is there something going on here?

So I've been hearing rumors that some of the circus people have been talking with non-humans about some sort of civil rights movement? Anyone willing to fill me in on what that's about? I thought that non-humans already had equal rights?


Hey, Holly. I got tickets for this circus that's coming. One for you and one for me. Care to spend some time watching the circus with your brother?


I cannot believe I did that. But I did.

Anyway! I'm firing off copies of all the photos and documents we got to the magical divisions of the FBI, DHS, and the Army Inspector General. While I'm at it I'm going to send the stuff to every member of the Congressional Committee for Magical Affairs.

Oh, and I'm calling dad. I get the feeling I may need a lawyer after this.

You all may want to try getting as much info out there as you can!

All Hands On Deck!

I think Thuvos was able to find something that will let us get past the wards to get into the Offensive Magics Building. Anyone willing to risk it, come meet us just outside of the building. We're going to find out what's going on once and for all!
So, is there anyone out there that would be able to go past the wards on the Offensive Magics Building and either not be transformed into a squirrel, or transform themselves back?

I have an idea.

Anyone who wants to get to the bottom of this, let me know, alright?  If so many of you are determined to get yourselves, and probably the rest of us into trouble, might as well do it right.


So I read Jakes latest post. This was after I made a few calls.  If Professor Ash, Jake, and Maria ran afoul of some criminal activity, I thought that the Bureau might want to know about it.  I had the number to the local Magical Division office, so I made use of it.  They said it was nothing to do with them, though they'd had an inquirey about Ash from higher up their foodchain.

They also told me they'd found out where the Bureau had heard of me.  Sebastian, we need to talk.

Anyway, they did some poking around, and then told me that in no way whatsoever should the students get involved in this, and that it was out of their hands.

If the Bureau won't touch this, well...  I'm convinced that something way too big for us students to deal with is going on.

And of course Holly is too childish and wilfull to realize she's playing with fire, and I just bet she's getting others in to.  She's going to ruin their lives because she doesn't understand consequences.

So I have no choice but to find her and try to keep her from getting herself hurt, even though it may destroy any chance I have of getting into the Bureau.  Thanks Holly.

What now?

Alright, so I'm studying last night, and suddenly there's some sort of horrific commotion in the dorm.  Totally screwed up my ability to think!  So I get up to object... and it's some sort of bloody raid!  Looked like law enforcement or something.  They were down at Jakes room.

This does not bode well.  What the hell is going on around here?


I swear, this campus has lost it's mind.  People running around doing weird crap all over the place.  The Offensive Magics building is still off limits.  And I will soon be the owner of a tuxedo.

Okay, that last bit's not so weird.  But still, what is up with this place?



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